Bookkeeping for your business Fort Myers, Cape Coral and surrounding areas

We offer bookkeeeping services for small and large businesses.   Brenda Pittman Tax & Accounting Services has been helping businesses in Fort Myers and Cape Coral since 1996.  The average business owner spends up to 50% of their time on back office administration, that is time spent away from growing your bottom line.  Our bookkeeping service can help free up some of your time and also help your business run more efficiently.

How We Can Help With Bookkeeping

  • Quickbooks Pro Advisor
  • Desktop and Online Version
  • Virtual Bookkeeping
  • Onsite Bookkeeping
  • Reporting and Analysis


Top Reasons To Use Bookkeeping

  • Financial Status:  The primary advantage of bookkeeping is that it helps business owners understand their company net worth and stay in control of the finances.
  • Credit Score:  A good credit score is a boost to your company’s reputation and is a key tool to help you secure outside financing or credit when needed.  This can help in expanding your business.  Bookkeepers track money owed, bill due dates and bank balances.
  • Fraud Protection:  Criminals attempt to commit fraud against companies through methods including check forgeries, identity theft and embezzlement. With so much online theft these days accurate bookkeeping is a must.  Advantageously, standard bookkeeping practices will catch almost all of these criminals.
  • Time and Money:  Business owners don’t have the time to spend on bookkeeping. A bookkeeper helps the business bottom line by diligently collecting accounts receivables, paying bills on time to prevent late fees, providing the owner with information to help him make sound financial business decisions and much more.

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