Personal Tax Preparation Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Surrounding Areas

When you are looking for personal tax preparation services, Brenda Pittman Tax and Accounting Services is the place to call.  We have been working with  individuals and small businesses in Fort Myers, Cape Coral and all of the surrounding areas since 1996.  We understand the complications and confusions that can arise with your personal tax preparation.  Preparing your own tax return can leave you more with more questions than answers.  Today’s  tax laws are so complicated that filing just a simple return can be frustrating.  Credits and deductions that you are entitled to can be easily overlooked even if you are using a computer based program to help you along with the tax return process. Brenda Pittman Tax and Accounting Services is here to you make tax season easy on you and will make sure you get the return you deserve to have. 

Tax Preparation Services

  • We will check all of your tax return statements
  • We can file your tax return electronically so that you will receive your refund quicker
  • We can show you how to adjust your payroll withholding so that you get more money back each week.  Why should you give the IRS an interest free loan for up to 16 months
  • We can show you potential deductions so that you can limit your tax liability for next year.