Brenda Pittman has been a vendor for the Palm Island Home Owner’s Association from 2006 to current. As a member and treasurer, I have worked directly with her for the past 2 years.

Brenda, as the accountant, oversaw the finance and bookkeeping of our association and did so with a level of professionalism that served the community as well. She managed and kept records of all financial transactions and handled the yearly accounting and reconciliation, including the preparation and filing of tax documents.

Brenda is a reliable accountant and would be valuable to any team.

Sarah Roach/Treasurer
Palm Island Phase 1 Board Member

Brenda is the person who always helped me in filing my tax returns most efficiently and professionally. Whenever I have a question, she answers in such a professional way that I can’t refrain myself admitting that she really knows her job. I can never even think of going with someone else for my tax filing and I am thankful to the one who introduced Brenda’s firm to me. As a person, Brenda is very kind hearted, extremely generous and the one who always take care of others while keeping her needs and desires apart.
To be honest, I can’t find words which really can justify her character. Wishing her successful career from the core of my heart.

Haseeb Khawar

Worked with Brenda Pittman from 2006 thru 12. I was treasurer of the HOA I live at, she the accountant. Found her to be honest, team player, knowledgeable of Fl Statues for HOA’s. Always willing to go above and beyond to reach goals. Loves her job and it shows.

Pat Donohue

Brenda has handled my personal taxes since 2003.  I opened my own business and she now handles all that now as well.   She is great.  She handles my taxes, bookkeeping and payroll.  Brenda is a valuable asset for my company and she has helped me every step of the way as my business grows.  Thank you so much!

Mark Maxim